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    3. Wujiu Coal Group holds 2023 Safety work Conference

      On January 6, at the beginning of the new year, Wujiu Coal Group held a 2023 safety work conference in the form of video to summarize the safety work in 2022 and learn from the Group's "opinions on strengthening production Safety Management in 2023", namely ‘Safety document No. 1’. Systematically analyze the production safety situation and arrange and deploy the safety work objectives and tasks in 2023.


      The meeting pointed out that since 2021, Wujiu has firmly established the safety concept of "people-oriented, advance prevention, compact responsibility and long-term stability" and insisted on taking safety in production as the overriding top priority. Seize the scene to prevent accidents, increase investment to ensure safety, care for employees and promote security. Check hidden dangers, plug loopholes and fill shortcomings, and achieve safe production for two consecutive years. The achievement is made by all the cadres and employees. In the past two years, from managers to employees, the ideological understanding of safety first and life only has been continuously sublimated, and the concept of "My safety is family safety." has been more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The regulation of resolutely stopping production operations in unsafe conditions has been rigidly implemented, and the safe production environment of mines and ground units has changed significantly. By optimizing and adjusting the safety production management team, the cadre team is younger, and new ideas, new concepts and new measures have effectively promoted production safety.

      The meeting demanded that 2023 be the "Safety production Foundation Promotion year" of Wujiu Coal Group. We should deeply study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on production safety, firmly establish the concept of safety development, and pay close attention to the implementation of safety responsibilities. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the "document No. 1" on production safety in the group company. Work is duty, duty is responsibility, and responsibility is value. Managers at all levels should be based on their posts, face up to their responsibilities and have a legal bottom line. Do not forget the lessons of the accident, perform their duties and missions, and have the courage to act. With scientific and rigorous, in accordance with the rules and regulations, not arrogant and impatient state of mind, to further do a good job in production safety. We must persist in paying close attention to the scene as the core, and fight against illegal operations, illegal command, and blind obedience to prevent accidents. It is necessary to solve the problem of weak foundation of professional and technical personnel, and effectively build a team of professional and technical personnel with sufficient quantity, reasonable structure and excellent quality through external introduction and internal promotion. It is necessary to further improve the comprehensive management ability of safety production management personnel, so that they can understand production and safety, manage people and arrange tasks, check and implement safety work in place. All professional cadres should be proficient in professional management and professional safety, improve their ability to find and solve problems, and especially improve their ability to predict risks, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent accidents in advance.


      The meeting emphasized that the goal of safety work in the new year has been clearly defined. Facing the new situation, new tasks and new challenges, we should further unify our thinking, strengthen our confidence, demonstrate new capabilities and make new achievements to ensure safe production in 2023.

      (Author: Zhu Ruiquan)

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